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Queen Elizabeth II 2004 Christmas. First day Covers





2004 (November 2 2004) Commemorative

GB+Christmas 2nd Stamp (2004) Father Christmas on Snowy Roof GB+Christmas 1st Stamp (2004) Celebrating The Sunrise GB+Christmas 40p Stamp (2004) On Roof in Gale GB+Christmas 57p Stamp (2004) With Umbrella in Rain GB+Christmas 68p Stamp (2004) In Fog on edge of roof with Torch GB+Christmas 1.12 Stamp (2004) Sheltering from Hailstorm behind Chimney


Cat RefStamp DescriptionMint ValueUsed Value

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47Father Christmas on Snowy Roof





48Celebrating the sunrise





49On roof in gale






50With umbrella in rain





51On edge of roof with torch





52Sheltering behind chimney





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